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Manifestor Of Babangida Ruma – NIGERIA

                                         Manifestor of Babangida Ruma - Nigeria
                          Candidate for Vice Chairperson - Inclusion and Engagement  
                             Only by working together we will reach same Destination 


My name is Babangida Ruma candidate for Vice chairperson Commonwelath Youth Council (CYC) I am Youth empowerment advocate with years of participation in youth empowerment I travelled far and wide even my own expenses to attend youth focused programs with the aim of equipping my self well for leadership and betterment of the society. I honestly believe only by working together we will reach same destination I am interested to join Commonwealth Youth Council because I want bring more change in society especially young people with disability which I believe they have their on talent which can help to change young people problems in commonwealth countries but efforts are needed to engage them in decision making processes and International organizations.

My manifesto focuses on Seven key areas, which is expected help strategize and deliver a satisfactory, meaningful service as the CYC Vice Chairperson – Inclusion & Engagement.


1. Innovation & Technology:- Creating significant opportunities for many young people consultation with regional representative and regional centers in order to provide business with a wide range of productivity enhancing benefits, including increased efficiency, cost reduction, increased speed, greater reach, improved markets access and increased reliability of processes and transactions. Lower costs are allowing businesses of all sizes to access the benefits of new technologies. I will work with the all concern to insure I improve ITC to young people within my tenure as CYC vice chairperson inclusion and engagement.

2. Decent Employment:- Work involves opportunities for work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and social protection for families, better prospects for personal development and social integration, freedom for people to express their concerns. More Efforts are needed to reduce poverty and hunger by raising on- and non-farm incomes and diversifying livelihoods can be hindered by emerging forms of employment relationships based on more flexible and casual forms of work. I will work collectible with regional representative to ensure increase a value chains associated with agribusiness and agro-industry, to rapid expansion of bio-fuels production and its uncertain impact on employment and the use of land within the commonwealth Countries

3. Youth Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth:- Youth in commonwealth countries need access to both decent formal education and opportunities to acquire a range of vocational and life skills to actively participate in all spheres of an increasingly knowledge-intensive society, today as young citizens and tomorrow as the future leaders. Unfortunately, youth in commonwealth countries are struggle to acquire an education that provides them with the right set of skills and knowledge. As a result, the transition from school-to-work is a major challenge such that many youth in commonwealth countries end up either unemployed or underemployed in the informal sector with little protection and prospects. As vice chairpeon I will work with international organizations and national organizations to ensure leaders works with us to provide qualitative educational systems to young people.

4. Disaster risk Reduction, resilience & Recovery:- Every year, natural disasters from climate related hazards cause substantial loss of life, produce economic damage, and reverse gains from past economic and social development. Hydro meteorological hazards, such as floods, storms, and droughts, accounted for more than three-quarters of all natural disasters. In the same period, these climate-related disasters were responsible for 98 percent of the cumulative number of people affected by natural disasters and 77 percent of total reported economic damage. I will work with regional representative and volunteers to promote a Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management Practices to educate farmers about the innovative techniques and technologies available to contribute in the climate change adaptation by sharing information with local farmers through outreach programs.
5. Protection of Natural Resources:- Preservation of the natural environment is essential for maintaining community sustainability. I will create online flat forms that will share knowledge on how young people will prevent natural resources in their communities.
6. Climate Change:- I was a delegate representing Nigeria during world youth foundation four days workshop on climate change. As Vice chairperson I will work with regional representatives and volunteers to Increase Climate Change Awareness through environmental Education to build capacity of youth by facilitating the advancement of knowledge and experience sharing on climate change, its impacts, adaptation and mitigation measures through workshops, campaigns and community based projects by involving local communities and educational institutions.
·       I will also increase ‘climate literacy’ among the youth by effectively disseminating information about the impacts of climate change and the successful stories of climate change adaptation and mitigation (or combating climate change impacts). 

·       Again I will promote awareness and highlight the importance of the marine ecosystems among the local coastal communities and how climate change can adversely affect them by providing awareness raising workshops, seminars and campaign programs. 

                 Assessment of Vulnerability and Capacity of Communities
1)          I will help the government/communities in capacity and vulnerability assessment (CVA) related to climate change and disasters with the coordination and cooperation with local government units, trained volunteers, Non-government organizations and experts of various fields. 

2)         I will ensure an effective early warning system by information dissemination through electronic and social media and engaging volunteers for a fast.
Engage with business leaders, entrepreneurs and encouraging  leadership on climate change by encouraging:
a)  Promoting the integration of CSR (corporate social responsibility) into their 
business model. 

b)  I will raise awareness on reducing emissions from industries. 

c)  Promoting the use of lower-impact products and technologies. 

d)  Promoting a clean and pollution free ecosystem by organizing cleaning 
campaigns at schools/colleges/universities and public places/coastal areas etc. 

e)  Waste Management by promoting reducing the waste generation, reuse and recycling, set up various waste-separation bins in schools/colleges/universities/ public places etc., and promoting collection of plastics and dumping at 
designated places. 

f)  I will campaign for green jobs to be available to young people and advocacy campaigns on 
youth employment policies. 

g)  Stimulate action around green jobs locally, through provision, training, skill 
sharing and creativity. 

h)  I will Support the youth in designing, implementing and evaluating community 
based adaptation programs. 

i)  Promoting Sustainable Agriculture to youth. 

j)  I will organize more trainings, seminars, conferences, workshop on environmental 

k)  I will increase young people’s knowledge and actions on Disaster Risk Reduction 
(DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA). 

l)  I will Support youth, young women and marginalized communities in designing, 
implementing and evaluating community based climate-change related 

7. Quality & Inclusive Education:- Organisational cultures that are supportive of inclusion result in practice that avoids segregation in all forms and promotes a school for all, providing equality of educational opportunity for all learners. More campaign are needed which is my responsibility do that with volunteers and regional representatives.
I will introduce an initiative ‘’WORKING TOGETHER CYC” to allow anyone to directly contact me and the rest of the leadership team to engage on how we can improve the strategies, enable criticism and work better for our very own CYC community. This will have both online and offline modes of engagement. 

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